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Give special treatment to new born babies with organic soaps For the first twelve months of an infant's life it is significant to keep the infant safe from all the dyes and deodorants found in most of the bar soaps in the market. Before your infant starts eating hard food particles, the skin of the baby actually will not exude sweat with the same stink as adult’s sweat. For the adult persons, sweat serves as the path of eliminating the poisons from the body. Since your infant is not consuming or drinking any chemical, which the adults often eat in prepared foods, your infant may not require bathing so much as an grown person. But, whenever you want to wash your baby’s skin, you should do it with only the best baby soaps for newborn. The baby soap should be applied on the parts that are very prone to sweat for example, under arm or the parts between the legs. Natural soaps with no harmful chemicals

Daffy Baby Soap (75g)

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