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Dynapar QPS Spray is the world's first Transdermal preparation of diclofenac. The diclofenac is a pain reliever that decreases the level of inflammatory markers that cause pain and inflammation in an area. 
The Dynapar QPS spray is muscle and joint pain reliever that helps patients by easing tensions in the nerves around the impacted area. 
Steps for applying Dynapar QPS Spray:
Clean the area of application with a warm cloth
Prime the pump by spraying 2-3 times in the air
Hold the pump 6-8 inches away from the area of application
Spray at least 3-4 times and spread the solution gently with clean fingers
Do not massage or cover the area for 8-10 minutes
The spray should not be applied on open wounds, cuts, and diseased skin.

Dynapar Qps Spray (15ml)

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