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  • Provides 24 hour softness and deep nourishing skin care. It is effective for extremely dry skin.
  • 5-action moisturiser with advanced nourishing formula with vitamin E and jojoba esters for dryness repair, soft and smooth skin. It maintains moisture balance and reduces cracks and dry lines.
  • Joy Body lotion relieves dry skin by moisturising the skin intensely to provide smooth, soft and supple skin. It absorbs into the skin quickly, making it firm and healthy without leaving it greasy and oily.
  • Joy Skin Products are formulated with natural ingredients which provide effective results and long-lasting skin benefits. This Joy product provides long lasting skin smoothness.
  • Directions: Step 1 - Dispense Joy lotion into your palm. Step 2 - Apply gently all over your body. Step 3 - Slowly massage the lotion onto your skin. Step 4 – For best results, use the product as a daily routine.

Intense Moisture Body Lotion(100ml)

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