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  • Helps in Redness, Swelling, Irritation, Itching, Dryness of Eyes. Relieves from foreign body sensation, Acts as an antiseptic, Useful for dark circles around the eyes
  • Instilling the drop of medicine is easier with the help of easy squeezy bottle (10ml packing). After application keep eyes closed and move the eyeball in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions at least two times.
  • Do not rub the eyes. You may experience a mild burning sensation for a few seconds which will subside shortly. Your eyes will water profusely. This is expected. It allows for removal of dirt and dust particles and also helps with dryness. This will have a cooling and soothing effect and will leave your eyes feeling fresh.
  • Netraprabha Plus is suitable for all age groups & also for prolonged use. It is absolutely reliable & daily application keeps eye clean, healthy. No adverse effects have been noted by use of this medicine since inception. Safe for regular use
  • Netraprabha Plus is formulated with Honey, Kapoor and effective medicinal herbs like Triphala and Yastimadhu, Rasaanjan. Honey and Kapoor control infection and inflammation. They have antiseptic like properties. Kapoor is a counter irritant. It has been known to provide cooling effect to the eyes as well. Hence camphor is used topically to relieve pain and reduce itching.
  • jivdaya netraprabha jivadaya jivdya

Jiwadaya Netraprabha Plus Eye Drop-10ml

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