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Perlice Rinse 1% Cream is formulated to aid in the treatment of head lice. It contains Permethrin which assists in killing lice and their eggs (nits).

Key Ingredients:

Key Benefits:

  • Perlice crème rinse is a topical pediculicide and ovicide for the treatment of head lice
  • Permethrin is indicated for single application treatment of lice infestation
  • Permethrin works by killing lice and their eggs (nits)
Directions For Use:
  • Apply Perlice on washed, towel-dried hair from root to tip of the hair
  • Wait for 10 mins and wash off with water
  • Use a fine-toothed comb to remove nits (eggs) and dead lice
  • Re-apply Perlice after 7 days

Perlice Rinse Cream - 120 g

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