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R.B. TONE syrup contains ferrous gluconate which is source of Iron. It contains ferrous salt which is better absorbed and better tolerated as compared to ferric salts. Each 10 ml of R.B. tone syrup provides complete formula for treatment of anaemia providing 30 mg of elemental iron. It also contains Folic acid and Vitamin B12 which are essential for formation of Red Blood Cells. Calcium in R.B. Tone is required for proper growth and development of bones. R.B. TONE is useful for treatment of iron deficiency anaemia of varied origin and provides faster correction of iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency anaemia
General weakness  
Post surgery/Convalescence
Menstrual disorder

Iron deficiency anaemia
General weakness
Worm infestations
 Cognitive impairment

R.B. TONE syrup-15ml

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