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Ramsons Instant Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol based, self drying hand sanitizer ideal for daily use. It kills 99% of the most common germs to leave your hands clean and free from harmful, disease causing bacteria. This sanitizer is a must during and after using public transport, eating out, or using public restrooms. No need for soap and water, this fuss-free hand sanitizer can be used anytime and anywhere.


  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer that instantly kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria on the skin
  • Protects you from disease causing bacteria and viruses, especially in public places
  • Suitable for use anytime and anywhere; no soap and water needed
  • Ideal for use at home, office, while shopping, at school, in the car or before eating
  • Should be used by those with non-sensitive skin

Ramsons Hand Rub

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