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Saheli tablet is a Non sterioidal oral contraceptive pill.

Saheli tablet is nearly as effective as the normal birth control pill. If it’s taken consistently, fewer than 2 in 100 women get pregnant within the first year, compared to fewer than 1 in 100 women with hormonal pills.

By comparison, your chances of getting pregnant without using any birth control method is 85 in 100.

Saheli tablet Dosage

You’ve got to take Saheli twice a week for the first three months. But after that you take just one pill a week.

What this means practically is that if your period starts on Monday, you take the pill every Monday and Thursday for the first three months. Starting on the fourth month, you only take it once a week every Monday.

Saheli tablet contains Centchroman as the main active pharmaceutical ingredient present in it & it is the world’s first nonsteroidal oral contraceptive. It is a weak estrogen and a potent antiestrogen with a high therapeutic index.Saheli is different from other birth control pills because it doesn’t contain any hormones. Instead of using the hormone it blocks estrogen to prevent pregnancy

Saheli (10*8 tablets) per strip 25 Rs

स्टाक खत्म
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