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Sarpmrutyu is use for  All types of poisones insect, poisones ant, poisones bite, A sure specific for snake bite and any other poisonious animals like kankhajura bite, bicchu bite, scorpio bite , Kankhopda bite ,Wilde insect bite, wilde Animal Bite, barra bite, chipkali bite, lezard bite, vishkhopda bite, girgit bite, rate bite,dog bite, lomadi bite, wolf bite, fox bite,monkey bite, jaharbat, bavasir, piles,karbankal,bhagandar, sir ganj, gokharu, dad khaj khujli, ekjima, likh , insect on animal skin.


DOSE: 1 to 4 Drops as directed in manual comes with oil or as per your ayurvedic doctor.

Sarpa Mrityu Oil (10ml) set of 3

SKU: Sarp
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