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Shatavari Kalpa - a drug designed specifically to maintain women's health. The drug is Rasayana-a source of transformation for the blood and reproductive system of women. Unlike the drug of the same name in the form of churna, which can be taken by men, Shatavari Kalpa in granules is intended for women. The taste and nutritional qualities of the product are enhanced by the addition of cane sugar and cardamom.

The main component of the drug is shatavari, or asparagus racemose, which has the properties of an aphrodisiac. The rejuvenating effect of shatavari on the female body is very strong and similar to the effect of ashwagandha on the male. Science explains its healing effect on the female body with a high content of steroid saponins (glycosides), which affect like hormones. Due to this effect, the monthly cycle is normalized, the female sexual system is rejuvenated, the ability of eggs to fertilize increases, and the amount of breast milk increases. By increasing the conversion of the hormone estrone (which slows down the metabolism) into estradiol (on the contrary, it accelerates it), shatavari reduces the risk of cancer, fibromas and mastopathy, and normalizes weight. This plant has a useful effect on men: by preventing the formation of dihydrotestosterone, it prevents the growth of the prostate gland.

In addition to steroid saponins, shatavari contains hormones directly, including testosterone. Despite the fact that this hormone is "male", it increases the female libido, allowing you to fully enjoy your desires and life energy. Shatavari is also indicated for use in women in the post-climactic period, when their own testosterone production is reduced by almost half, as well as for those who have undergone surgery to remove the uterus.

The shatavari element asparagine also has a positive effect on the body. It belongs to the group of alkaloids and has a regulating function on the Central nervous system, which allows the body to achieve harmony; it smoothly reduces the heart rate and blood pressure. Going through a cycle of transformations in the human body, this substance binds toxic ammonia, cleanses the blood and liver. Bioflavonoids, which are rich in shatavari, prevent the destruction of cell membranes.

In addition, the drug is useful for the digestive system, it reduces high acidity, eliminates heartburn, improves digestion, neutralizes intestinal disorders.

All these properties of the drug help to strengthen the weakened body of a woman, increases its vitality, supports anemia (anemia) and prolonged fever. According to Ayurveda, the sattvic nature of shatavari develops a woman's desire for love and devotion.

Shatavari Kalpa (600gm)

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