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Skin Fruit facial kit made with the richness of micro fruit oils and skin softeners to offer a revitalizing, youthful glow. Active Apple Fruit Boosters nourish skin from deep within making it silky soft and smooth. Apple is rich in anti-oxidants and provides a healthy dose of vitamins to skin. Acts as a toner, cleanser and excellent softener for the skin. Fruit Boosters help clean pores while micro fruit oils fight ageing lines and wrinkles to retain the youthful shine and glow. Kit Contents: Scrub Cleanser, Moisture Cream, Facial Gel, Fruit Pack , Joy Skin Fruits Face Wash. Step 1: Softening Scrub Cleanser : • Specially formulated creamy scrub cleanser for skin that shows signs of ageing or loss of firmness. It effectively replenishes lost moisture thereby making skin smooth, hydrated and toned. Active anti-oxidants soothe and protect against environmental toxins, leaving skin ultra-clean, supple and rejuvenated. Step 2: Softening Moisture Cream : • This synergistic formula consists of active fruit boosters and micro oils to provide essential moisturisation to skin. Provides a visible lift to tired sagging skin. Relaxes facial muscles to smooth out wrinkles and lines. Skin feels instantly soft and nourished. Step 3: Softening Facial Gel : • Oil-free, fruit based gel formula that liquefies on contact with skin to provide intensive moisturisation and hydration. Provides a visible increase in skin softness, elasticity and suppleness revealing a youthful glow. Step 4: Softening Fruit Pack : • Enriched with fruit extracts, it nourishes and moisturises the skin, giving it a fresh and healthy look. Contains fruit boosters and natural clay which actively remove impurities and excess oil from the deepest layers to reveal a soft glow. Skin feels firm, nourished and rejuvenated. Free with this pack - Joy Skin Fruits Gentle Care Face Wash : • Contains Active Boosters with Natural Fruit AHA’s which are crushed on application to deliver the moisturising and softening properties of fresh apples to skin. Cleans gently, making skin healthy, soft and glowing with every wash. Directions: • Step 1: Squeeze abundant quantity of scrub onto wet hands and gently massage on moistened face and neck for a few minutes, avoiding eye contour area. Rinse thoroughly with water. • Step 2: After scrubbing, gently massage the cream for 8-10 minutes on moistened face and neck till completely absorbed. Clean with wet cotton pads. • Step 3: Moisten face and neck. Apply the gel and massage for a few minutes till completely absorbed. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. • Step 4: After step 3, moisten face and neck. Apply the pack to provide uniform coverage carefully avoiding eye area. Relax and allow the pack to dry. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Skin Fruit Facial Kit

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