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Cinsodent powder contains mainly Potassium persulphate, Sodium perborate and other additives. It is used for cleaning the dentures.
Role of Key Ingredients of Clinsodent Powder:
Potassium persulfate and sodium perborate monohydrate yield active oxygen on mixing with water and helps in thorough cleaning.
Sequestering agents (preservatives) are added to maintain clarity and to promote calculus removal.
EDTA also plays a role as an anti-bacterial component.
Anionic surfactant, promotes foaming. 
Everlase which is a protelytic enzyme functions through the digestion of the human mucoprotein component of deposits.
Direction of use:
Take a teaspoonful of Clinsodent in a suitable container, filled with water, leave the denture overnight. Rinse and brush the denture with sufficient water before use.

Clinsodent Denture cleaning Powder-60g (set of 2)

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