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  • Gau Kund comes in gugal loban samagri flavour
  • CONTAINS: 21 types of herbs for example: सफेद तिल, काले तिल, गूगल, जटामांसी, लौबान, देसी गाय का घी, देसी गाय का गोबर (Gugal, Loban, Jatamansi,,White til, black til, Desi cow ghee and gober), etc..
  • TRADITION: Gugal has been used in India from more then 3000 years, it is considered that all negative energy goes by burning gugal at your home or work place so use  Gau Kund dhoop.
  • SAFETY AND USES INSTRUCTION : Hold the cup by the tip of narrow stem,Light the upper side rim of the cup over fire,Wait till the entire rim start burning eventually. After the entire rim glows, blow-out the flame and experience pure gugal fragrance. Gau Kund should be kept over the fire proof and heat resistant surface only.Keep away from flammable articles.
  • No-toxic, natural, aromatic and 100% natural

Veer Gaumaya Hawan Kund

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