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How to Register for Free Vaccination

2.  Click on Covid Registration on top 

3.  Type Your Phone Number and Get OTP

4.  Add New Member or Schedule  your Vaccine

5.  Search Center by Pincode 440012

6.  select  center NCI New English High School

8.  You Get Reference ID in App or in Phone by SMS

9.  Show Reference ID on Counter

10.  Get Vaccination Done.

Thank you

A Bit About Me

I am Sandeep Pandey Like to Help Everyone to Get Free Fast Easy Vaccination without any hassle. We are all working hard to get everyone Vaccination done on time. If you have any complaint feel free to conatct us on phone no: 9372390048 or by web site you can also whatsapp your name and phone to 9370 9370 10 get this information on your whatsapp. Feel Get Pass By clicking Here For Get Pass

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