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  • For small babies you are incapable of using a regular toothbrush to wash their mouth, means they are too small for such things. So there arises a need of toothbrush that could easily go into the tiny mouths of your toddlers and do the complete cleaning. BuddsBuddy gives your our very own 'Silicone toothbrush' for this purpose.
  • The silicone-soft bristles of the brush will not only clean your baby's mouth but will also give a nice massage to their gums and remove the cavity and tooth rims as well.
  • Gentle cleaning - The toothbrush provide gentle cleaning for baby's delicate tooth and gums. There are no chances the product will cause any harm. ➤ Complete care - The toothbrush provides a complete cleaning of the tooth and gums and removes cavity.
  • Oral Hygiene - Provides complete hygienic cleaning and leaves no dirt in the mouth. Note - Sterilized in boiling water for 2-3 minutes before each use. Do not expose to direct sunlight and store in a dry container with cover.
  • How to use - Insert your index finger in the brush and put it in your baby's mouth. Slowly massage it on the gums and teeth all over.

Budds buddy finger toothbrush

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