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Dashmoolarishta is an Arishta from Ayurveda medicine is also called as Dasamoolarishtam. Dasamoolarishta contains about 5 to 7% of self generated natural alcohol in it.

Dashamoolarishta is miracle medicine on almost all Uterus, Fistula, Anemia  Liver Disease, problem with conception and pregnancy related issues. It purifies blood, control vaat dosha and detoxifies system


  • Amavata - Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Asthi Sousheerya - Bone 
  • Agnimandya - Low Appetite
  • Aruchi - Anorexia
  • Shoola - Pain
  • Dhatukshaya - depletion of body tissues
  • Gulma-  Bloating, abdominal tumor
  • Vatavikar
  • Sandhigata Vata - Osteoarthritis
  • Shwasa - Respiratory disease
  • Sootikaroga
  • Uterus Disease
  • Vandhyatva - Impotence
  • Indigestion, lack of taste, respiratory conditions, fistula, in diseases of vata imbalance, vomiting, anemia, liver diseases, skin diseases, hemorrhoids, urinary tract conditions, cough, jaundice

Effect on Tridosha

Help Balances Vatta Dosha


1 to 2 teaspoons . once or twice a day, preferably after food.

If needed, equal quantity of water can be added before consumption. Can also be taken in repeated doses or as prescribed by the physician.

Side Effects

There are no side effects of this product. But some pitta prakruti people might feel hot flashes and increase in body heat with uncontrolled use. Consult physician first.

Dashamoolarista Dhootpapeshwar (450ml)

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