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About Baidyanath Maha Vishgarbha Tail

Maha Vishgarbha oil is medicated herbal oil which is used for local application on painful joints, inflammations, muscular pain etc. It is a sedative and gives relief in pain. The base oil is Sesame oil. Maha Vishgarbha oil is useful in all type of joint and muscular pain,hemicrania,sciatica,neuralgia,rheumatism and other inflammatory affections.


  • It gives relief in pain, stiffness, and inflammation of joints and muscles.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It gives strength to joints and muscles.
  • It is also used for ringing in the ear and lack of sensation.
  • It is applied externally on Vata-vikar.

Mahavishgarbha Taila Baidyanath (50ml)

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