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PregaNews - One step urine HCG pregnancy test at Home

A prega news pack contains the following: One card - For the easy detection of pregnancy, One dropper - To collect the drops of urine, Silica granules - These do not play a role in pregnancy detection, but they absorb the moisture so that the card doesn't get spoilt.

Follow the directions exactly as mentioned on the package, before doing the test. Do all the steps in order, without skipping any of them:Add 3 drops of urine in the circular area Wait for 5 minutes to know the results. All you need to do is just add 3 drops of urine in the pregnancy tester, wait for 5 minutes and that's it, you have the result right in front of you! So the next time, if you are in a dilemma as to whether you are pregnant or not, buy Prega News, take the test and be sure within 5 minutes.

Prega News

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